4 Most Important Trauma Careers

Becoming a health care professional is not only beneficial for other people but also very exciting and interesting. Some health care professionals have dramatic jobs in many situations. What I mean is in the field of trauma careers. There are many professions available related to trauma or emergency conditions & situations. They have big responsibilities and jobs because they work to save many people’s life. If you are also interested, there are some careers that I can share. You may be interested in one of them.

Trauma Career

Trauma Career

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) & Paramedics

This is the front life of emergency careers. Emergency Medical Technician or also well known as EMTs cannot be separated from paramedics. Their professions are popular as first responders. They are trained to be able to access any emergency situation. Their first responsibility is to stabilize the conditions of the patient & transport the patients to the nearest hospital. So, both EMTs & paramedics should work as a team. They must have good understanding and support & help each other.

Emergency Medicine Physician

After EMTs & paramedics transport the patients to the hospital, the patients will be handled by emergency medicine physician. They are doctors that handle patients in serious or emergency situations. They have to be certified by ABEM or American Board of Emergency Medicine. They commonly work 12 hours per shift but some hospitals have a role to have 3 shifts so that they work 8 hours per shift. This is the second line of trauma careers after EMTs & paramedics. So, their responsibility is also very big.

Emergency Room Nurse

The next profession of emergency medicine careers is emergency room nurse. They are not like the common nurses where they help common doctors. An emergency room nurse has a responsibility to help doctors in emergency rooms. So, they have to know and familiar with many tools related to emergency medicine conditions. These nurses are also responsibility to work with physicians and help them to access patients’ condition by asking screening questions, helping to pass tests, and taking vital signs.

Urgent Care

Another common profession is urgent care. This profession has the easiest responsibility. However, it does not mean that everyone can work in this job. An urgent care is responsible for those who need fast attention so that you will not work to treat patients in emergency conditions. From those all trauma careers above which career do you like most?

Description: Trauma careers are responsible to help patients in emergency conditions. Some of the most popular professions are EMTs & paramedics, emergency medicine physician, emergency room nurse, and urgent care.

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