Health Care Facility: Intensive Care Unit and Trauma Intensive Care Unit

In the special department of a hospital or health care facility, there must be care unit for intensive treatment there. Of course, it includes Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU). Speaking about this care unit though, basically hospital should have Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to begin with, in their special department. So, let’s discuss how this care unit is here first. Both are that of the same unit, so they must be related to each other. So, here we go.

Trauma Intensive Care Unit

Trauma Intensive Care Unit

What Intensive Care Unit in Health Care Facility Is

Intensive Care Unit actually goes by different names. It might be commonly known as ICU, but it is also called Intensive Therapy Unit/Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) or Critical Care Unit (CCU). No matter how this care unit is called, those names refer this care unit as something meant for intensive treatment. Of course, such intensive treatment care unit is there for patient with severe to even life-threatening injuries. Surely, you have known it.

Well, there is more to the care unit when dealing with such dangerous illnesses/injuries. You see, only in ICU patients can get constant, close monitoring, and support from both specialist equipment and medications. Not to mention, only in ICU, the patients are looked after by the highly trained doctors and nurses. Of course, it is because the patients are the most in need for all of them. Then, what about Trauma Intensive Care Unit then?

What Trauma Intensive Care Unit Really Is

Did you know? Actually, the common conditions treated in the ICU include ARDS, multiple organ failures, sepsis, and trauma. So, you can say that TICU in health care facility has and offers roughly what ICU usually gives to treat the patients. However, TICU focuses more on treating all types of trauma with unstable blood movement. They are the types that need close monitoring and intensive care. Of course, there are still more about it.

TICU is usually handled by dedicated team of experts that specialize in critical care for trauma patient, like frequent monitoring, intensive intervention, or ventilation. Illnesses or injuries, like trauma to the chest, multiple traumas, multiple fractures, abdomen and head/spinal injuries are not the only ones that are treated in TICU. Trauma Intensive Care Unit generally has ICU way of treating patients, but it basically focuses more on dealing with all types of trauma experienced by patients.

Description: Trauma Intensive Care Unit is special treatment given to serious trauma patients. It basically offers intensive treatment with frequent monitoring and is handled by medical experts.

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