How to Be a Trauma Care Nurse

There are many cases where people get injured or ill with serious condition. Sometimes, it can be emergency condition because of the serious injure. It may also cause trauma so that the people have problems on emotion, thoughts, etc. In these cases, trauma care nurse is the right person to visit. It is a very interesting profession because they can treat and help people to survive. Are you interested in this profession? If you are interested, you need to pay attention to the discussion below.

Trauma Care Nurse

Trauma Care Nurse

What Is Trauma Care Nurse?

Some people also call this profession as emergency nurse. Emergency nurses are people who provide important medical services with emergency conditions. For examples are physicians and paramedics. Those people provide treatment for those in emergency medical conditions. They work to treat various injuries caused from crimes or accidents. Besides that, they may also need to face the following situations: strokes, heart attacks, gunshots, stab wounds, car accidents, drug overdoses, broken bones, dangerous high fever, and poisoning. It is very risky but they help so many people in emergency conditions.

What Does Trauma Care Nurse Do?

A trauma care nurse has to be able to access every patient fast and also as accurately as possible. So, they know which patient who needs medical attentions quicker than other patients. For example, people who get injured caused by car accident must be prioritized than an infant who gets low fever even though the infant is in the earlier line. The first step of their job is to stabilize the condition of the patients. Stabilizing patients’ condition requires the nurse to be familiar with transfusing blood, rescue breathing, intubation, etc.

Where Does a Trauma Care Nurse Work?

If you work as a critical care nurse, usually you will be placed in hospital emergency rooms. Besides that, triage centers may also be one of the placement options. Then, you may also work at urgent care centers. Another possible option is at trauma centers. However, you also have to be able to treat patients in clinics, military branches, prison, emergency response units, and even poison control centers.

How to Be a Trauma Care Nurse

If you want to be a trauma care nurse, you have to meet the requirements. Firstly, you have to have nursing degree. Besides, you also need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses or NCLEX-RN. If you are interested to be an advanced practice nurse, you can continue your education until you earn master’s degree.

Description: Trauma care nurse is a profession where your job is to treat people with emergency situations. You need to meet some requirements to be an emergency nurse.

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