Trauma and Emergency Care Management : Telemedicine and Telepresence

The use of telemedicine is long-status, however most effective in latest years has it been carried out to the specialities of trauma, emergency care, and surgical treatment. Regardless of being rather new, the idea of teletrauma, telepresence, and telesurgery is evolving and is being incorporated into modern care of trauma and surgical sufferers. This paper will deal with the cutting-edge packages of telemedicine and telepresence to trauma and emergency care as the brand new frontiers of telemedicine software.

Trauma Informed Care PPT

Telemedicine and Telepresence for Trauma Care

The college medical middle and the Arizona Telemedicine program (ATP) in Tucson, arizona have  functional teletrauma and emergency telemedicine packages and one advert-hoc application, the cellular telemedicine application. The southern Arizona Telemedicine and Telepresence (SATT) program is an inter-health facility telemedicine program, even as the Tucson ER-hyperlink is a link among prehospital and emergency room system, and both are constructed upon a successful current award prevailing ATP and the technical infrastructure of the town of Tucson.

These  packages constitute examples of incorporated and collaborative network strategies to solving the lack of trauma and emergency care problem within the area. These networks will no longer simplest be utilized by trauma, but also via all other medical disciplines, and as such have grow to be an instance of innovation and willpower to trauma care. The first case of trauma managed over the telemedicine trauma software or “teletrauma” became that of an 18 month- old woman who turned into the best survival of a car crash with three fatalities.

The achievement of this example and the pilot task of SATT that ensued brought about the improvement of a nearby teletrauma software serving near 1.Five million people. The telepresence of the trauma doctor, through teletrauma, has infused confidence amongst local docs and communities and is getting used to pick out know-how gaps of rural fitness care companies and the needs for instituting new outreach academic programs.

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