Trauma Care and Its 3 Important Elements that Play Vital Role in It

Trauma has been known to be mild to severe injury caused by accident or violence. This is something that needs immediate surgical therapy or treatment. Major trauma can even lead to severe complications. So, it is not something you can take lightly. Although surgical procedures are trauma care given depending on the severity of the injury, most cases are registered as an emergency. Let’s discuss below to see how this care is conducted.

Trauma Care

Trauma Care

How Trauma Is Handled in Emergency Department

Did you know why trauma is registered as an emergency case? You see, it is because most trauma cases happen unscheduled and undifferentiated. Thus, for its care, we need specific medicines for patients with unscheduled illness and injuries. They will undergo physical evaluation to identify the wound and determine the type of injury as well as the course of treatment first. Once these are done, we need medical experts to handle the rest.

Especially for patients with multiple traumatic injuries, we will need trauma surgeons to attend to them. The surgeons have vast knowledge of surgical, thoracic, and vascular procedures to do trauma care. However, it is important for them to be able to make complex decisions with often little time and even less information. By doing so, the care should have been successful in improving the health condition of the patients. This is how the care is done.

What the Three Elements of Trauma Care Are

To deal with trauma patients, it is important to have good management of certain resources. It is because only with that we can save the patients’ life. Those resources do play a vital role in the care of trauma. What are those resources then? First, there are Human Resources that deal with staffing and training. It might seem to be a trivial element, but even medical department can’t work smoothly without the help of the medical staffs.

Second, there are Physical Resources that deals with infrastructure, equipment, and supply. These concerns about the things you will need to treat the patients after all. So, they have to be there and ready to be used during emergency situations. Lastly, there are Process which deals with organization and administration. With these three elements managed properly, medical department can do great trauma care for their trauma patients that must need urgent and immediate treatment.

Description: Trauma care is handled by identifying the severity of the injury before the medical experts handle the treatment. To care such injury, management of 3 resources are really needed.

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