Trauma Care Bundle for Emergency Situations

Today, the demand of trauma care is more and more increased. It also means that the trauma careers save so many people’s life. Some of you also may be interested in this area. However, you need to know about the trauma care bundle. It is the bundle of the coverage of trauma care. It is what you have to be responsible for. If you want to know more about that, you need to pay attention to the discussion in this article below.

Trauma Care Bundle

Trauma Care Bundle

What Trauma Care Bundle Includes

Emergency care bundle includes 2 things. The first is cases and the second is scenarios. For the cases, at least you have to be able to handle ten trauma care cases. For the scenarios, you have to be able to handle at least ten trauma care scenarios. The more cases you can handle, the scenarios you need to know. So, you will be more professional.

What Trauma Care Bundle Consists of

The bundle of trauma care consists of some measures. The first is that ensure airway is really clear. Besides that, you have to be able to examine thorax clinically, and also check the respiratory function. Then, you should also be able to check bleeding & also create vascular access that is suitable. Next, trauma care bundle consists of accessing consciousness, sensitivity, and motor function, too. In addition, it also consists of injured extremities & immobilizing spinal column and treating wounds. Lastly, you must also be able to preserve body heat.

The Examples of Trauma Cases and Scenarios

There are many examples of trauma care cases and scenarios. This is one of the examples. There is a man who walk in a park with fill of plants and his legs & arms get red. What you have to do? It may be the man has come in contact with ivy poison. You have to avoid the ivy and get him away from the ivy too. You can use gloves to save him and then apply soothing lotion to the redness. Keep calm and make sure that his injury is treated well.

This is another example that I can share. There is a man who looks tired, pale, & weak. His bottle of water is empty. What you have to do? You may notice that he is too tired, has asthma, has heart attack, etc. If you cannot handle it, you must call 911 soon. During the helps come, you have to make him calm. That is all about trauma care bundle.

Description: Trauma care bundle includes cases and scenarios. Besides, it also consists of some things that you have to be able to handle.

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