Trauma Care Centre Jogeshwari : Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray

Located at Jogeshwari, there is new hospital by the name Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Trauma Care Hospital. As the name suggests, this hospital is basically meant to give trauma care to patients. Don’t you want to know more about this very hospital then? This trauma care centre Jogeshwari is a good one for you to know. It is the one in which its existence has been promised to reduce the burden of tertiary hospitals. Let’s see how great this hospital is then.

Trauma Care Centre Jogeshwari

Trauma Care Centre Jogeshwari

What This Trauma Care Centre Has to Cater

As you know, this Jogeshwari trauma care centre is built for trauma care purpose. For that reason, 50% of the resources will be provided for trauma patients. How about the remaining half percentage then? You see, even if this is hospital for trauma care, it has the other 50% for general medical purposes. So, besides treating trauma patients, this hospital can also cater to paediatric, gyneacology, and orthopaedic patients. It sure is nice hospital, isn’t it?

In it, there are up to 7 neonatal intensive care units, 15 gyneacology beds, and 30 orthopaedic beds to use for patients. There was a talk that this hospital would still allow for expansion. So, there might be more things to expect in the future. This new trauma care centre Jogeshwari seems to be welcomed very well by all people for it offers various things to cater to patients. It does not even limit itself to deal with patients that suffer from trauma injuries only.

Other Good Things This Hospital Can Offer

You see, if there are things we need to compliment more about this Jogeshwari trauma care hospital, there are two notable ones you have to take a note about it. First, this hospital is designed to use solar panels instead of relying on electricity. There are up to 160 solar panels used in it. With that, it becomes possible for this hospital to reduce dependence to electricity. Those panels are even used to heat 20,000L of water every day. Really, we can expect no less from it.

Second, this hospital has prepared 304 beds in total in its 14-storey building. What’s so good about it is that there are 25 beds prepared as ‘paying beds’. These so-called ‘paying beds’ are designed and prepared to cost from Rs 1,500 to 2,000 only. As you might have guessed, they are meant for middle-class people. So, this trauma care centre Jogeshwari gives chance to them to get improved facilities even at the reasonable price to seek for recovery of their trauma injuries.

Description: Trauma care centre Jogeshwari has one called Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray designed to offer both trauma care and general services and treatments for people.

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