Trauma Care System Definition and Scenarios

Today, the number of accidents is increased. Besides, the number of people who die caused of serious illness is also more and more. It is because the demand of trauma care is cannot be met. In this case, what we need is trauma care system. It is a system that purposes to help people in serious and emergency conditions or situations to survive. This is very important. Therefore, if you want to know more about it, you can follow the discussion in this article below.

Trauma Care System

Trauma Care System

What Is Trauma Care System?

There are any topics to discuss like trauma system agenda. Before we discuss it farther, it will be better to know about this system. A trauma system is a coordinated and organized effort in defined areas that delivers cares to patients with injuries. It is also integrated to local public health system. This is regionalized to make the division much more easily. It does not only purpose to treat injuries but also prevent injuries especially serious injuries.

Pre-hospital Trauma Care System

The system of trauma care can be in hospital or pre-hospital. Pre-hospital trauma care system is developed by “WHO”. This trauma care system is prepared to cover some areas. For example is pre-hospital trauma system organization. Besides, it also includes capacity development, legal & ethnical organizations, communication & transportation, data collection, and capacity development. Anyway, it is very important for so many people in the world and help people to stabilize their conditions.

Scenarios of Trauma Care System

Trauma system addresses some scenarios. The first is related to the ways in initiating new formal emergency medical services or EMS where there is no person existed previously. The second is as alternative to formal emergency medical service with ambulance when resource is constrained. For example is by training of first responders who have constituted de facto pre-hospital. The last is related to the methods to strengthen basic emergency medical systems that exist.

Trauma care system focuses specially on care for trauma at the scene & in route up to fixed facilities. For examples are hospitals and clinics. In general, it purposes for injury and violence prevention. So, it can prevent something worse because of the right care service. Anyway, this is very helpful. Hopefully this will be useful and becomes a good reference especially for you who are curious and want to know about this trauma system.

Description: Trauma care system functions to help people in serious and emergency conditions or situations to survive. It addresses some scenarios that you must know.

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