Trauma Informed Care Curriculum : the Basis and the Practices of It

Sure, there is a lot to take and learn when studying trauma informed care. To do so, you will have to take various courses of the Trauma Informed Care curriculum. That being said, you must have wanted to know what the curriculum is grounded in and how the practices we will get beforehand. If you really want to know about them, you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you the basis and practices of this curriculum. Here we go then.

Trauma Informed Care Curriculum

Trauma Informed Care Training Curriculum

The Basis of Trauma Informed Care Curriculum

You must have been well aware that trauma informed care refers to the understanding of trauma and its effects. By doing so, we can promote healing and resilience to the traumatic clients. With this in mind, the study of Trauma Informed Care has its curriculum grounded in a core set of principles. These principles are all designed to support recovery from trauma. Of course, it is not the only thing that becomes the basis of the curriculum. The curriculum is also organized around 5 things.

Those things are the 5 important domains concerning trauma informed care. They are about giving support to staff development, creating environment that is safe and supportive, assessing the needs as well as planning services, involving consumers, and adapting policies. These are the things that usually become the basis of Trauma Informed Care curriculum. You can see yourself that it covers the things about being trauma-informed so that we can serve the appropriate needs of the clients.

The Practices in Trauma Informed Care Curriculum

Of course, you are not going to get the knowledge trauma informed care through theories only. No matter what people study, practices should be the next right after it. Usually, the practices in TIC curriculum will include questions to guide you as well as concrete examples of practices. These are all meant to give support to the goal setting and implement trauma-informed care. You don’t have to worry, when it comes to practices, the curriculum knows much that you do need some training.

Although it depends on where you take the course from, usually the curriculum will adopt trauma informed practices across all domains that become the basis of this curriculum. Each domain will adapt to specific practices, implementation strategies, and training in accordance with the context and population. Taking TIC courses and following Trauma Informed Care curriculum will make us learn the way of being trauma informed to care for traumatic clients.

Description: Trauma Informed Care curriculum has its basis on a core set of guiding principles and 5 key domains. It includes practices and training in each domain that adapts to context and population.

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