Trauma Informed Care Mental Health: the Vulnerabilities of Traumatic People

Trauma Informed Care is good approach to deal with traumatic people. When it comes to that, it does keep the understanding of trauma effects. Only by doing so, people can give the right care for such people after all. Trauma has always affected people’s mental health. It makes those people vulnerable to some mental health issues. Here, in this Trauma Informed Care mental health discussion, let’s talk more about what those issues could be so you can be more trauma-informed.

Trauma Informed Care mental health

Trauma Informed Care mental health

Low Self Esteem and Problematic Social Life

Speaking about what could happen to people because of trauma, it all relates to mental issues. The simplest one of all would be low self-esteem. Traumatic people tend to self-doubt and self-blame. They can also feel the shame towards themselves, even to the extent of feeling that they are bad person or like an imposter. Mental health issues of trauma can be this negative, indeed. What’s bad is that these feelings can lead to problematic social life. Can you guess how their social life could be?

Yes, people with low self-esteem, like this tend to have difficulty in various things, like making good communication, maintaining healthy boundaries, keeping healthy relationship patterns, getting close to others, trusting people, etc. Once it goes that bad, the traumatic people will feel social alienation. Following the low self-esteem, they would also get the feel of being different, lonely, stigmatized, or phobia in the community. Trauma Informed Care mental health would cover these kinds of issue.

Other Difficulties with the Thought and Feeling

Well, those mental health issues above are not the only things that traumatic people experience. They might also experience the difficulty with their mind, making them hard to think clearly. Included the difficulties in this matter, there are dissociation, spacing out, confused feeling, amnesia, troubled concentration, and many more. Mental health issues in TIC must be understood even to this extent. These issues are more severe kind of mind disorder, happening to traumatic people.

However, even the most severe ones exist too. Having difficulty with feelings usually leads traumatic people to feel hard in recognizing, managing, and even expressing feelings. At the worst case scenario, they can feel depression, panic attacks, anxiety, disruptive fear, substance abuse, nightmare, self-harm behaviors, etc. We would say in this discussion of Trauma Informed Care mental health that sure can cause the decrease of mental health from the less to most severe ones.

Description: Trauma Informed Care mental health covers various vulnerabilities of traumatic people. It can be as simple as having negative feeling, but can be as serious as having certain mind disorders.

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