Trauma Informed Care PowerPoint: What the Researches Say about TIC

Many should have known that Trauma Informed Care is a good way to lead traumatic people toward recovery. Rather than with medications, the treatment goes by understanding the trauma itself as well as its effects to make safe space both physically and emotionally for the patients. If you want more proof on it, you should have learnt what researches have said about this informed care. Let us tell you two statements mentioned in Trauma Informed Care PowerPoint with the title “Trauma and Abuse in the Lives of Homeless Men and Women” by Community Connections in 2002.

Trauma Informed Care PPT

Trauma Informed Care Powerpoint

The Decrease of Crisis-Based Service Utilization

One of the statements from that PowerPoint presentation of trauma mentions that the implementation of trauma informed services have the possibility to decrease the use of crisis-based services. The crisis-based services we are talking about here are like hospitalization and crisis intervention. This statement might likely be true. Trauma Informed Care works by understanding the trauma. It uses relationship and connection to help traumatic patients improve their own wellness.

The more they take steps towards wellness, the higher the possibility for them to recover. If trauma can be healed by simply doing things like that, there sure is no more need to use crisis-based services, like hospitalization. The statement in that Trauma Informed Care Presentation PPT shows that even trauma can be healed at home with the help of people surrounding the patients. Of course, there would be decrease in the utilization of crisis-based services because TIC works like this.

Positive Outcomes with Greater Collaboration

Another statement from the research mentioned in the TIC PowerPoint presentation above, says that there have been positive outcomes in the organizations of the providers who have been implementing trauma-informed services. Many providers have reported that there is greater collaboration with the consumers in the organizations. The skills enhance and even the sense of self efficacy has been greater than ever. This really shows how much TIC has affected the consumers.

However, Trauma Informed Care does not benefit the consumers and providers only. Even the supervisors can benefit much from it too. The benefits include better collaboration both inside and outside their agencies. Of course, the staffs get their moral improved as well. Because of that, there have been fewer negative events and the agencies can give more effective services in return. See? The research statements in that Trauma Informed Care PowerPoint sure prove TIC’s effects a lot.

Description: Trauma Informed Care PowerPoint with the title “Trauma and Abuse in the Lives of Homeless Men and Women” shows some research statements about the positive effects of TIC.

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