Trauma Informed Care Principles: the Six Core Ones to Know About

Indeed, anyone can experience trauma in their life. However, treating the symptoms of mental illness is not the only thing you can do to deal with it. Actually, you might just need a kind of treatments that is simply improving ones’ all around wellness. If that is the case then, we need to use different approach, called Trauma Informed Care. Speaking about it, there are 6 Trauma Informed Care principles that you need to know and key principles of trauma informed care. What is trauma informed care principles? Let’s learn those principles of trauma informed care one by one here.

Trauma Informed Care principles

Understanding, Safety, and Responsiveness

When it comes to trauma, these three principles are the most important of all. First, Trauma Understanding makes us learn this health problem through knowledge. By doing so, we will be able to act in more compassionate way. This is the first step toward wellness in the principles of Trauma Informed Care. Second, Safety and Security will make people physically and emotionally safe. Even for simply keeping your health, these are crucial. Of course, daily lives will become stable this way.

That way too, people can have less stress reactions. They will take another step towards wellness with this principle. Third, Cultural Humility and Responsiveness make us understand that people live with different cultures. Understanding the differences will make people have understanding towards each other. Then, their wellness will be enhanced even more. Trauma Informed Care principles sure have the cores included to deal with trauma. With that, you should be able to build wellness just fine.

Dependability, Empowerment, and Recovery

There are still three principles left in Trauma Informed Care approach. Let’s move on then. Fourth, Compassion and Dependability are important aspects in relationships to re-establish trusting connections to each other. Even this act can improve mutual wellness between people in the community. In short, it benefits even the people around us. Fifth, Collaboration and Empowerment do help us a lot to feel more empowered to make the choices for ourselves in our own life.

This is one great principle to make us capable of enhancing our own wellness, indeed. Sixth, Resilience and Recovery are simply what you benefit from all those steps towards wellness from the five principles before. The more we use our strengths to do the steps, the more the possibility for us to be more resilient and to recover. Study and put these Trauma Informed Care principles into actions! Surely, you will improve your wellness and help others along too to fight against trauma.

Description: Trauma Informed Care principles are there in six numbers. Right from Understanding to Recovery, all principles are meant to improve people’s wellness.

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