What is Trauma Care Meaning?

There are many cases where people get injured and they have trauma. It can be caused by various factors. For example, a person got an accident and he or she got serious injury. So, he or she has trauma. And there are still many other cases related to traumatic situation. In this case, traumatic care is needed. However, there are still many people who do not know about traumatic care. Therefore, it is very important to discuss a topic of trauma care meaning.

Trauma Care Meaning

Trauma Care

What Does Trauma Care Mean?

Trauma care definition is a way how we help victims of patients who have trauma caused by any factor. It also relates to emergency conditions. Trauma care relates to trauma center and trauma careers. Trauma center is a hospital that is specialized to treat victims with physical trauma. On the other hand, trauma careers are people with different professions who have responsibilities for traumatic situations. So, understanding about trauma care is not simple because it relates to many things.

Different Levels of Trauma Centers

After understanding about emergency care meaning, now we need to know about the levels of trauma centers. There are 4 levels of trauma centers related to trauma care meaning. Level I provides specialized resources and multidisciplinary for trauma research, annual volume of major trauma, and require trauma research. Level II provides medical resources and services but do require residency components and research. Level III is smaller hospitals that service to care for those with moderate injuries & stabilize the severe trauma. Level IV provides initial care & stabilization of emergency injuries. Level I and II can also be specified as Pediatric Trauma Centers or Adults Trauma Centers.

Trauma Care Guidelines

There are some guidelines related to trauma care. In short, trauma care offers standard of services for trauma treatment. It focuses on care that is delivered at the fixed facilities. For examples are hospitals and clinics. However, sometimes it also relates to pre-hospital trauma care in some cases. It is put to use in many countries and is still developed as well as possible.

Based on the trauma care meaning above, now it is clear that trauma care relates to trauma centers and trauma careers. There are many people who are misunderstood that trauma centers are same with hospitals. Actually they are different especially related to the availability of 24-hour service. Hopefully this becomes a useful reference.

Description: Trauma care meaning should not be understood by itself because it also relates to some things including trauma centers and trauma careers.

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